Recovering Lost Documents & Papers

Find the information you need to recover lost documents and papers, including your driver’s license, social security card and more.

Put a Fraud Alert on your credit file by contacting one of the three credit bureaus:

Driver’s License – get this first if you have renewed/new license in last 4 years

Military ID – get this first (or second) if you are current military

Social Security Card

    • Free
    • Must have some form of ID, preferably photo ID.  In times of emergency, school ID, health insurance ID, or even a certified medical record (get from medical facility) will work.

Birth Certificates

Wills / Trusts

  • Contact attorney who drafted the documents
  • Contact the Oklahoma Bar Association for help locating your attorney at 405-416-7000 or

Cancelling Lost Credit Cards

  • Contact your credit card company, they can find your account once you confirm your identity (name, address, date of birth).

Getting your mail

  • Your local post office will hold your mail
  • If your post office is destroyed, call 800-222-1811 to find out where your mail is being routed.  Automated system, stay on the line until you get a human which may take a while.

Property deeds, home appraisals

  • Copies of deeds are available at your local courthouse for a small fee, usually a few dollars.
  • Home appraisals are needed to know what the value was prior to the disaster.  This will be part of the title abstract for your home, which is kept by some banks, also kept by Abstract companies, check with your mortgage company for who has the abstract.
  • Cleveland County Clerk’s office can provide you a copy of your deed:  405-366-0230, 201 S. Jones, Room 120, Norman, OK 73069.

Automobile, boat and trailer titles

  • File for lost title with your local tag agency
  • Form 70-1 ­must be notarized (can be notarized at the tag agency but you’ll need an ID for the notary)
  • $11.00 for vehicle title, $2.25 for boat or motor title, plus $1.50 mailing fee.

IRS Tips for reconstructing your records:  

Take photographs and/or videos OF EVERYTHING and KEEP for 7 YEARS.

  • Of course, your insurance company will require photographs (and without a photograph, you may not be able to prove the item existed).  What most people overlook is that the IRS may require photographs to prove your home was a total loss.  The IRS has 3 years to audit any return, and sometimes longer if fraud is suspected. 
  • Military may request assistance from the PA office.

Call our toll free number 855-205-0083 or local 405-359-4286 or visit our website or Facebook page Oklahoma Lawyers Care for instructions on how to recover your important documents and legal papers.